QA Bug Verification Day Contribution - 2017

My QA Bug Verification Day Contribution January : Bug Verification Day - 20170118 February : Bug Verification Day - 20170201 Bug Verification Day - 20170215 March : Bug Verification Day-20170301 Bug Verification Day-20170308 Bug Verification Day-20170315 Bug verification day-20170322 Bug verification day-20170329 April : Bug Verification day-20170405 May: June: July: August: September: October: November: December:

QA Bug Triaging Day Contribution - 2017

QA Bug Triaging Day Contribution - 2017   March : Bug Triage Day - 20170327 April : Bug Triage Day - 20170403 May:   June: July: August: September: October: November: December:

QA Testing Day Contribution - 2017

 My QA Testing Day Contribution-2017 January Firefox 51 Beta 12 Test day    - 06/01/2017 Firefox 52.0 Aurora Test day - 20/01/2017 February Firefox 52 Beta 3 Test day      - 03/02/2017 Firefox 52 Beta 7 Test day      - 17/02/2017 March  Firefox 53.0 Aurora Testday   - 03/03/2017 Firefox 53 Beta 3 Testday      - 17/03/2017 Firefox 53 Beta 8 Testday      - 31/03/2017   April Firefox 54 Beta 3 Testday        - 28/04/2017 May Firefox 54 Beta 7 Testday       - 12/05/2017   June Firefox 55 Beta4 Testday       - 23/06/2017 July  Firefox 55 Beta 7 Test Day    - 07/07/2017 Firefox Developer Edition 55 beta 11 Test Day     - 21/07/2017 August  Firefox 56 Beta 4 Testday     - 17/08/2017 September  Firefox 56 Beta 8 Testday     - 01/09/2017 Firefox Developer Edition 56 Beta 12 Testday - 15/09/2017 October Firefox 57 Beta 8 Testday     - 13/10/2017 Firefox 57 Beta 12 Testday   - 27/10/2017 November

Bug Verification Day - Tutorial

Step 1:    Go to Bugzilla website and sign in your account if you already have a account , else create a new one. Step 2: In order to confirm bugs, you need the "canconfirm" privilege.  If you've been active in Bugzilla, you may already have this privilege .Check your Bugzilla preferences. If your Permissions include "Can confirm a bug", then you are all set. If not, want to have canconfirm permission, you can add it yourself using the triage request form Step 3:    Open the etherpad (the etherpad link can be found in the telegram group ) and enter your details such as name, OS along with 32 or 64 bit. Don't forget to add your name at the top of the etherpad and choose your color. Please don't overwrite others content Step 4 : Update your browser or you can download the browser from the link provided in the etherpad. If you update the browser please check the browser version with the browser version mentioned in the ethe

Webcompat Hackathon @SNSCT

On 30th of March we celebrated Webcompat Hackathon at SNS College of Technology on behalf of SNSCT Mozilla Campus Club. At first Mr.Paarttipaabhalaji and Me gave a short introduction about the club and Mr.Nagaraj started the webcompat hackathon. He gave introduction about webcompat along with demo . Participants came across a detailed view about how Webcompact works in the Compatability team to improve the web. This session made the new mozillian to feel easier to take part in the future Hackathon event in expendiency way.   Then we started our webcompat hackathon. The participants interestingly found several bugs in many websites . around 50 participants participated . In the afternoon the tracks leads in our club gave a introduction about their tracks and we explained the Mozilla's mission to the participants. The chart work was done by the participants about Mozilla's mission. You can find the detailed report over here Thanks to everyone who w

Womens Day Celebration - 2017

My Experience on Mozilla Tamilnadu Meetup-2017

My Experience in Mozilla Tamilnadu Meetup Before the meetup I was very excited . I really enjoyed the meetup and learnt a lot of stuffs . we discussed a lot and  worked together on our tracks. some unforgettable moments during the meetup: We released our new Logo for our Mozilla Tamilnadu Community. Mr.Rohit designed the logo and he explained the reason for logo. We discussed on community issues and problems various tracks are explained by the track leads. We were working on our tracks inorder to do a useful outcome in the meetup.   There were several other moments which I enjoyed and learnt a lot                             Thanks to MozTN for this great opportunity !!!     Love Mozilla !!!